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Date range: 2019-11-13

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Evolution over the period

This is an overview of the referrers that led visitors to your website.
It is broken down into various reports, which are displayed in sparklines at the bottom of the page. You can enlarge the graphs by clicking on the report you'd like to see.
For more information about the different refferrer types, see the documentation of the "Details by Referrer Type" table.

Referrer Type

1 direct entries
0 from search engines
0 from websites
0 from campaigns

Details by Referrer Type

This table contains information about the distribution of the referrer types.
Direct Entry: A visitor has entered the URL in his browser and started browsing on your website - he entered the website directly.
Search Engines: A visitor was referred to your website by a search engine.
See the "Search Engines & Keywords" report for more datils.
Websites: The visitor followed a link on antoher website that led to your site.
See the "Websites" report for more details.
Campaigns: Visitors that came to your website as the result of a campaign.
See the "Campaigns" report for more details.

Referrer Type
If a visitor comes to your website for the first time or if he visits a page more than 30 minutes after his last page view, this will be recorded as a new visit.
Unique visitors
The number of unduplicated visitors coming to your website. Every user is only counted once, even if he visits the website multiple times a day.
Unique visitors
Actions per Visit
The average number of actions (page views, downloads or outlinks) that were performed during the visits.
Actions per Visit
Avg. Time on Website
The average duration of a visit.
Avg. Time on Website
Bounce Rate
The percentage of visits that only had a single pageview. This means, that the visitor left the website directly from the entrance page.
Bounce Rate
Direct Entry 1 1 1 0s 100%

View Search Engines & Keywords, Websites, Campaigns.

Distinct Referrers by Referrer Type

0 distinct websites (using 0 distinct urls)
0 distinct campaigns
0 distinct search engines
0 distinct keywords